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We are completely upfront and transparent about the price of the tennis courts that we build.


Constructing a tennis court is not as simple as might be imagined and is not a job for a local builder.  A tennis court built to the minimum LTA-approved specification will include at least  200 tonnes of high quality construction material. It will also involve a minimum of 14 lorry loads of material delivered to your site. Typically, construction will take more than a month.


We offer great quality tennis courts at competitive prices, backed up by years of experience. All of our prices also include the supply and fitting of a turnkey post and net.


Please note that prices will vary according to the prevailing aggregate and material prices delivered to your locality and, obviously, the amount of earth-moving required. Please call us on 01832 272993 to find out more.

Tennis court costs - guide prices from EnTC Tennis Courts


This is a popular choice for homes and tennis clubs. It is an acrylic painted porous Macadam tennis court that plays at a medium pace. It is a well-established and popular choice for home courts, clubs, parks and schools.



A single-coat Macadam tennis court, including fence will cost between £30,000 and £37,000 plus VAT. A two-coat Macadam tennis court, including fence will cost between £35,000 to £42,000 plus VAT

ETC Tennis Courts, Pladek, macadam tennis court, polypropylene


New Sporturf is a resilient surface that offers an excellent option for a range of sports. It is especially suited to tennis, netball and cricket and also good for basketball, hockey and five-a-side football. Play takes place on the fibre of the product, so it is ideal for tennis court and multi-purpose area upgrades.



A Sporturf tennis court including fence typically costs £43,000 to £50,000 plus VAT.

ETC Tennis Courts, TexPlay, macadam tennis court, polypropylene


Tenniturf is a  high quality carpet that is suited to a wide range of sports, including tennis, football and hockey. From a single private tennis court installation through to a new pitch installation for a local authority, university, football club or school, there is a  product that will suit every application.



A sand-filled artificial grass tennis court including fence ttypically costs £43,000 to £50,000 plus VAT.

ETC Tennis Courts, Tenniturf, sand-filled artificial grass tennis court, polypropylene

Found a lower price?


We know just how keenly competitive our prices are. Please bare in mind if you are given a lower price quote that your potential supplier is probably not quoting on a like for like basis.  Cheaper quotations are usually based on inferior construction methods and materials : these include using less stone in the base, or using inferior quality stone - even using MOT Type 1 stone is no guarantee of a suitable base for a court.


Examples of poor construction we have seen include tennis court builders who have used soft stone , which makes the base unstable or stone containing iron pyrites - which eventually turns to rust. A good tennis court builder will have the infrastructure to maintain and support your court for years to come. He will also have the experience and skill to provide an effective and creative solution for placing and shaping the earth that is moved for your court.


Savanna is probably the most advanced synthetic tennis court surface available.  It is a soft and durable tennis surface that offers increased cushioning under foot and consistent ball bounce. Savanna is a half sand-filled surface, that offers the benefits of keeping the sand away from the surface of the court.



A Savanna tennis court including fence typically costs from £45,000 to £50,000 plus VAT.


ETC Tennis Courts, Savanna, synthetic tennis court surface, tennis court, polypropylene



Prices quoted here are for a reasonably level site on the minimum 150 mm foundation required for free-draining land.


To see a full breakdown of costs for resurfacing a court according to its age and condition, see our plain language guide HERE.


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